The Biggest Mistake You’re Making with Your Personal Style

A person shows off their unique personal style through the clothes that they choose to wear each day. Everyone has their own signature style that gives us a glimpse into their personality and lives. The act of, “judging a book by its cover,” has never been more true than it is in fashion.

Defining your own personal style is important in today’s society because everything you put on your body will be judged and scrutinized. What we choose wear has the ability to give other people information about us. This includes our occupation, lifestyle, education, background, what kind of mood we’re in, personality traits, what our interests are etc. Picking out an outfit may be a subliminal choice to us, but others will assume it is purposeful.

When you’re out and about, sporting baggy jeans, messy hair, and a large espresso in your hand, many people will jump to the conclusion that you’re a mom who just dropped their kids off at school or a college student who just pulled an all-nighter studying for an exam. 

If you’re wearing a pencil skirt and heels, people will assume that you have an important corporate job. This attire says professional and successful. You appear trustworthy and confident.

Wearing a head-to-toe black outfit, could make someone think you’re in a bad mood or feeling depressed. It can also make you look cold and unapproachable.

These impressions may or may not be true, but it is the representation that your personal style is giving off.  People are quick to generalize and stereotype you into an easily definable box. This is human nature. Not giving off the impression you want? Take the time to think about what is going on your body and what type of message you want to send. Make not only a great first impression, but the correct one.

Since our style is based upon our lifestyle, this means that it is continuously changing over time. What you wore in college is probably not appropriate for the workplace. What you wear after having kids is probably much different than what you wore before they were born. As life changes, we must adapt our style too.

The biggest mistake you’re making with your personal style is NOT identifying it. Instead of narrowing down your style, you leave it broad and open ended. You feel like it would be better to have more options rather than limiting them. Unfortunately, you end up wasting money and time because you don’t know what direction to go in. You closet will become a bunch of odds and ends that don’t work together with much of it ending up in the donation bin. You should love everything in your closet and each garment should scream, “this is so me!” Not appear like you have multiple personalities.

Don’t wait any longer to define your style. Continue reading for helpful tips and suggestions to find your own unique style that is positively you!

How to define your own personal style and the 6 major style categories. Which one does your style fit under?

Finding your own personal style is a necessity, but can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not sure where to begin.

First, look for inspiration online and within your own wardrobe.

A great way to start is to find inspiration through fashion influences online that you admire. Use Pinterest or Instragram to get quick style inspiration. You may find that the vibe you’re leaning towards is different than it was a few years ago, and that’s okay! Also, look through your closet and see which garments appeal to you the most and which ones just seem “meh.”

Next, Identify which of the 6 major style categories you fall under.

Based on the the inspiration you’ve found and which garments in your closet make you feel like yourself, it is time to determine what type of category you fall under.


How to define your own personal style and the 6 major style categories. Which one does your style fit under?

Otherwise known as traditional, conservative, and minimalism.

Your closet consists of blazers, trousers, trench coats, turtlenecks, button down tops, and little black dresses. You typically stick within a neutral color palette. Your garments have tailored, crisp lines.

Within your lifestyle, you work a corporate job, where you are successful. You drive a moderately expensive car and . Because there is so much of an importance on your career, your fashion choices tend to take a back seat. You always want to look polished and put together no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. You love reading and filling out crossword puzzles in your free time.


How to define your own personal style and the 6 major style categories. Which one does your style fit under?

Otherwise known as bold, eclectic, fashion-forward, and trend setter.

Your closet consists of the newest trends. You are drawn to bright colors, bold patterns, and unique textures.

Within your lifestyle, you always want to have the newest things. People often see you with the newest iPhone trying out the newest social media apps. You tend to work unconventional jobs such as a social media coordinator or a funky artist. You’re always tending the coolest parties and snapping pics at the most popular locations. Your friends might say you’re dramatic, but they love you for it.


How to define your own personal style and the 6 major style categories. Which one does your style fit under?

Otherwise known as leisurewear. athletic, and on-the-go.

Your closet consists of joggers, hoodies, tennis shoes, jerseys. Your wardrobe looks like a catalog for Adidas or Nike.

Within your lifestyle, exercise is important to you and you may even be an athlete. You are always seen with earbuds in and you opt to bike to work instead of driving. You lead a green life and are very health conscious about your meal choices. You never stop to take a break.


How to define your own personal style and the 6 major style categories. Which one does your style fit under?

Otherwise known as girl next door, effortless, comfortable, and simple.

Your closet consist of basic jeans, striped tees, and flats. You’re a ponytail and baseball cap type of girl. No frill or fluff for you!

Your lifestyle is busy and you dress practically for it. Maybe you’re a mom always chasing after little ones or a college student focusing on their heavy workload. You’re always multitasking and impressing others with your ability to get things done.


How to define your own personal style and the 6 major style categories. Which one does your style fit under?

Otherwise known as feminine, soft, and girly

Your closet is full of floral prints, vintage inspired pieces, lace fabrics, and flirty silhouettes. You’re a Barbie doll type of girl. You’ve always got on pink lipstick and blush on your cheeks.

Your lifestyle is artistic and you tend to be on the shy side. You keep to yourself most of the time and love to spend time shopping. You love pretty things and little details. You likely have a job in fashion design, interior design, or some field in art.


How to define your own personal style and the 6 major style categories. Which one does your style fit under?

Otherwise known as cheerful, optimistic, and happy.

Your closet consists of bright colors, tropical prints, tees with cute sayings. You’re a Lily Pulitzer type of girl. You’re drawn to garments that make you, and everyone around you, smile.

You lead a simply, southern lifestyle. You probably have a job in customer service or medicine. You love to help people and brighten up someone’s day. You are a social butterfly and deeply in tune with the emotions of others. You’re very organized, prepared and always on time.

Having a style identity crisis? Take our personal style quiz to help you find out!

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Which category most describes your personal style?

I’m sure you felt like you fit in several of these categories, but one should speak to you more than the rest. The are also many subcategories within each of these categories including, such as bohemian or punk, just to name a few. You don’t have to choose just one, but let it be a guide next time your shopping or cleaning out your wardrobe. Fill it with items that represent your current style and get rid of what isn’t working for your lifestyle any long. 

 My closet, for example, has a little bit of trendy, some classic, quite a bit of casual, but the majority, overall, is very romantic. When I am shopping, I am drawn to lace fabrics and frilly silhouettes. Blush, beige, pink, and burgundy are my go-to color palette. My motto is that a girl can never have too much pink or A-line dresses. My closet is full of flirty skirts and ruffled tops. I live for the little details and pretty accents. The imagine below is a great representation of my own personal style.

How to define your own personal style and the 6 major style categories. Which one does your style fit under?

Once you’ve identified your personal style, stick with it.

Try to buy clothing, shoes and accessories that compliment your personal style. If a certain trend doesn’t fit your style, don’t wear it. Choose the items that resonate with you and make you feel good about yourself. Use them to your advantage and show the world what your life is truly like.

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