Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

A Reflection on This Past Year and Resolutions for the Year Ahead


The Year of 2017

Happy New Year! 2017 was a year of wedded bliss, jet setting across the world, more wisdom, and new adventures. There were ups and there were downs, but most importantly, it also held several major milestones. In June, my husband and I celebrated one year of engagement, in August, we celebrated one year of living in Tennessee, and in September, we officially became husband and wife. We both celebrated our 24th birthdays this year. I grew friendships and spent time with family, which is something that I hope to make even more of a priority in the coming year. Overall, 2017 challenged, inspired, and amazed me.

I spent the majority of the year planning for our dream wedding day. From January-September of this year, my wedding to-do list was the first thing I thought of every morning and the last thing every night. I double checked every tiny detail, was in constant contact with my vendors, and most importantly, dedicated time to working on all of the dresses (yes, I made my own dress! More on that within the next few weeks!). Planning the wedding really pushed me out of my comfort zone as I was forced to be assertive to hunt down vendors, make quick decisions and think on my feet, and practice patience and understanding. All of these things are skills that I had to work on throughout the year and are abilities that will carry with me into 2018.

After completing all of the planning for the wedding, the day finally arrived for my husband and I to officially tie the knot! September 9, 2017 was everything that I ever imagined it could be. I’m so blessed to be able to begin our journey as a married couple. 4 months down; a lifetime to go. Although, we have only been married a short while, I try keep in mind what we promised each other in our vows and how I can honor them each day. As 2018 begins, this is something we will continue to work on as we figure out our new lives and journey together.

2017 was filled with so many new adventures and travel destinations. Locally, we visited Nashville, TN for the first time. We stayed at the Opryland Hotel, toured historic landmarks, and enjoyed the country music culture. We also explored new sites in our new home town of Knoxville, TN, such as taking a riverboat cruise around the city. However, the biggest adventure of 2017 was, by far, our honeymoon in the Maldives. I had hardly ever traveled outside of the United States. Add on top of that, a 20 hour trans-Atlantic flight to make it our destination in the Indian Ocean. It was an amazing experience and one that will always be a much cherished memory.

I accomplished several impressive, personal goals this year. I completed my most difficult sewing task to date; my wedding dress & veil. I surprised myself by how far my skills had come and it was an amazing accomplishment to be able to finish such an extensive project in perfect timing. I also started off 2017 creating an online fashion presence on Instagram which has had more success and progress than I would have ever imagined. Since then, I have recently found my way into the world of fashion blogging and is something that I hope to focus on more in 2018. My online world was actually something that I stumbled upon, but quickly found that I had a strong passion for it and is something that I am good at.

A Fresh Start in 2018

As we ring in the New Year, there are already several things I am looking forward to such as celebrating our first wedding anniversary and buying our first home together (fingers crossed!). With the start of any New Year, resolutions are one of the first things that come to mind. What are things you’re hoping to accomplish and habits you’re hoping to break with the fresh start of 2018 as motivation? I know what you’re thinking… nobody ever sticks with their New Year’s resolutions. In a few days, weeks, or months after the start of the New Year, we have usually given up on making any kind of change (me included!). I hope to make this year different! I’ve compiled a list of some of the resolutions that I personally hope to focus on in the New Year.


My Resolutions the New Year:

1. Focus on my health

I want to place more of an importance on maintaining my health. To accomplish this, I plan to create a work out regiment and a meal plan with foods that are better for my body and eliminating or cutting down the foods that are not.

2. Write a business plan and get serious about turning my hobby into a career

In 2018, I want to get the ball rolling on starting a business. I want to focus on shutting down the little voice in the back of my mind that tells me that I can’t do something. To do this, Instead of talking about “what if’s,” I want to stop procrastinating by setting time aside for it each day to make visible progress.

3. Take my blog & online presence to the next level

After beginning my blog at the end of 2017, I plan to put more time and effort into making it even bigger and having even more success than I saw this past year. To accomplish this, I will learn as much as I can about blogging and will dedicate time to apply it and put in the work. This strategy will hopefully generate positive results.

4. Meet new people

I want to make more of a conscious effort to meet new people in the New Year. I moved from Michigan to Tennessee over a year ago and with the wedding behind me, there will be more time for socializing. To achieve this, I plan to take a class or join activities where I will have the opportunity to meet new, like-minded people.

5. Learn to cook better and healthier

Cooking is a skill that I am looking to improve upon in the New Year. I want to find more meals and recipes that are not time consuming yet still healthy. I have fallen into a rut of making the same things week after week with little variety. To do this, I plan to take cooking classes, read recipe books, and craft weekly meal menus. Typically, when I get home from work and I have no idea what I want for dinner, I end up making pasta and less than ideal choices. Hopefully, planning in advance and having the correct ingredients already in my kitchen will help curb this problem.

6. Start keeping a journal

I want to proactively keep track of my thoughts and feelings. I want to look back on it and have learned from it. Also, many times after writing out on paper how you feel and being able to visually see it for yourself, you often realize how irrational you can feel in the moment. I will set aside time to write out my thoughts whenever I am overcome with emotions as a way to reflect and relax.

I hope my resolutions will inspire you to create your own New Year’s resolutions for 2018 and start working towards your own goals. While, I may not be doing all of these things day one of the New Year, or even a month into 2018, I want to start off by having a purpose to work towards and focus my attention on. Having goals to focus on throughout the year will continue to push you forward. Stop procrastinating and putting off all of the things that you dream of doing until there is a “better” time or until you have “more” time. Time will come and go and there will never be a perfect moment. Here is a list of the top resolutions, according to a NBC News Survey, to encourage you and help you create the best goals for your own lifestyle in 2018.

Top 7 New Year’s Resolution Ideas:

  1. Get healthy

  2. Get organized

  3. Live life to the fullest

  4. Learn new hobbies

  5. Spend less & save more

  6. Travel

  7. Spend more time reading


While I don’t know what 2018 has in store yet, I am optimistic for all of the moments it may hold. What are you most looking forward to in the New Year and what resolutions are you hoping to stick with? Leave me your comments below! Happy New Year to all!

Limpert and Leopard will be back with all new content next week. Stay tuned!

Until next time.


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