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Last week was the first snowfall of the season in Tennessee thus far and the first official day of winter is right around the corner (I am not a fan of snow and frosty mornings!). Winter is the time for making snow angels and catching snowflakes on your tongue. It is a time for shopping for a living Christmas tree and seeing your breath in the cold air. For long snowy walks through the park and laps around the ice skating rink.

With all the wintertime activities, you need to bundle up to stay warm, but you shouldn’t compromise style just because of the weather. Do find a figure flattering heavy winter coat. Don’t layer several light/medium weight jackets to bundle up in the cold. Do wear warm, water proof boots. Don’t attempt to walk through the snow with little high heeled booties. Do cozy up with warm mittens and a fashionable headband. Don’t wear tight hats that will ruin your hair for the rest of the day. Do embrace cozy fur this season. Don’t spend the season shivering in insubstantial fabric.

Faux fur is a cozy compliment to any winter wardrobe. It is the perfect balance between practicality and fashion. For centuries, people have been making mittens, coats, and scarves from animal pelts to protect themselves from the elements. In more recent decades, fur has became a fashion classic, but it has still maintained the warmth and protection. In recent years, it has only grown in popularity from high end fashion to the masses. As a slender woman, my body gets easily chilled from the moment the temperatures begin to drop in the fall until it begins to warm up again in the springtime (and I can’t stand being cold!). Faux fur garments and accessories are a great way to keep warm and still look stylish. Are you on the fence about incorporating fur into your wardrobe? Below are some suggestions for including fur pieces in your daily outfits.


Tips for styling fur:

  1. Fur has a tendency to look bulky, so be sure to pair it with figure flattering garments such as skinny jeans or form fitting sweaters. Proportions play a key factoring in styling fur.
  2. The fur piece, whether it’s a jacket or scarf, should be the shining star. Everything else should be minimal and toned down complimentary pieces.
  3. Think outside the box and choose a fur piece in a bold color or pattern.
    If a whole fur coat feels overwhelming, consider adding fur details and accessories. For example, a fur scarf or fur trimmed boots.
  4. There are a lot of beautiful, realistic faux fur options available. They are much less pricey, more ethical, and still have warmth and style. In the past, it was a common belief that faux fur looked tacky and fake. However, now, the difference is unrecognizable.
  5. Fur is a very bold texture. Keep the textures of the rest of outfit subtle to balance the outfit.

In this outfit, I wore a bold, leopard print, fur vest. I paired it with a simple, cream sweater and black denim and boots. The fur vest is the focal point with the rest of the outfit being minimal. The sweater and denim are both form fitting to balance the bulky fur vest. Also, the tall boots help keep the outfit from looking too top heavy with the fur on top.

Click here if you missed my fur scarf sewing tutorial or here for my sketching with fur tutorial.

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