Easy DIY Fur Scarf Sewing Tutorial

When you think of winter, what fabrics come to mind? Something that is heavy, warm, and cozy. Something that will protect your body from the cool wind and snow. Wool, fleece, and fur are some of the most popular fabrics for winter wear. It is perfect for coats, vests, and accessories for both warmth and aesthetic purposes. A fur garment is a bold statement piece, and is not meant for the conservative.

Fur fabric often has a negative connotation because it is associated with harming animals. However, faux fur can look just as luxe and expensive as real fur and it is not only more humane, but also cheaper. While many people may have mixed feelings about wearing fur, sewing with fur fabric also comes with its own set of challenges. It is very different from traditional fabrics in many ways. Below, is a list of helpful tips and techniques that will make working with fur a breeze.

DIY How to sew an easy, cozy, fur scarf

Tips and tricks for working with fur:

  1. Use a large needle to avoid breaking your needle through the thick, fur fabric.
  2. Keep in mind that fur is a directional fabric when working with it. It is obvious when a piece is cut in the wrong direction because the fur only moves one way. Look at how the fur lays naturally before cutting.
  3. Consider using some type of lining, such as fleece, when working with fur because the backing of the fabric can be scratchy on the skin.
  4. Test out a swatch of the fabric before purchasing it to be sure it won’t react with your skin. Likewise, be sure to read the fiber contents for any irritants to your body.
  5. Use very sharp scissors or a knife to cut through the fur.
  6. If you are making a full garment, make all of your pattern markings on the backside piece of the fur to make them easily visible.
  7. When cutting many pieces, consider cutting on the wrong/backside instead of on top of the fur for accuracy.
  8. Be exact when cutting pieces because any extra fur, will add extra bulk. This can affect the final fit of the garment.

With the above suggestions in mind, this is a step by step tutorial for sewing an easy, fur, infinity scarf perfect for the winter season.

DIY How to sew an easy, cozy, fur scarf

Materials: ½ yard of faux fur, thread, scissors, tape measure, pins.
Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

You can use any type or color of fur fabric. I choose a white with metallic hints in it that is perfect for the holidays and matches everything.

DIY How to sew an easy, cozy, fur scarf

Cut a strip of fur fabric that is 10 inches wide and 32 inches long. These measurements can be altered depending on length preference. After cutting it, be sure to pull off the excess fur from the edges. Once it is pulled off, it will stop shedding.

DIY How to sew an easy, cozy, fur scarf

Sew the two ends together. Use a thick needle to poke through the thickness of the fur fabric.

Sewing with fur

Since, the fur fabric does not fray and shed, the edges do not have to be finished.

DIY How to sew an easy, cozy, fur scarfDIY How to sew an easy, cozy, fur scarf

Viola! It’s easy and simple to make, but is cozy and stylish. When wrapping it around your neck, keep in mind that fur is a directional fabric. Begin wrapping with the fur pointed downward. Stay warm in your new fur scarf all winter long!

Stayed tuned for my tips and tricks to style fur in a flattering way tomorrow on the blog! Click here in case you missed my tutorial on sketching fur.

Until next time.

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