Baby it’s Cold Outside- Part 3

‘Tis the season for holiday wishes and Eskimo kisses. Sipping hot cocoa and snapping a festive Instagram photo. Cozy, knit sweaters and snowy, blizzard weather. A bright red nose and the fireplace ember glows. Carolers singing “Silent Night” and the houses shining with twinkling lights. Christmas gifts with big, bright bows and couples beneath the mistletoe. Snowflakes falling all around and laughter is the only sound. Spreading holiday cheer and listening for Santa’s eight tiny reindeer.

‘Tis the season for chilly temperatures from morning until night. If it weren’t for your never ending Christmas list, you would never leave the house. Instead of sitting inside and reading by the fire, you’re outside fast walking, almost jogging, from store to store browsing and buying. Instead of feeling warm steam rising off of fresh baked Christmas cookies, you feel snow, sleet, and wind whipping at your face every time you leave a store. Instead of debating with your spouse about which holiday movie to watch, you’re fighting to contain all of your shopping bags blowing around in the wind. Instead of taking the time to pick out a cute shopping outfit, you’re completely bundled up from head to toe trying to keep warm.

Why sacrifice your style for the weather? Don’t spend the rest of the holiday season fighting the cold! Learn to embrace it. With the right coat and outerwear, you can stay cozy and look chic at the same time. When it comes to outerwear and coats, style and fashion are often overlooked. However, you can find bold and stylish pieces that are why cant they be fashionable? bold stylish pieces?

Tips and trick for how to buy a fashionable winter coat


  1. Figure flattering silhouette: when looking for a winter coat, look for one that has a belt that will cinch in and define a waistline. This is especially true for puffy coats and thick fabric.
  2. Color: buy dark colors such as gray, black, purple, or navy. Avoid light colors that will get dirty easily. Also, dark colors will look slimmer and more flattering. Another suggestion is to try color blocking that will be slimming and add style.
  3. Solids instead of prints: a solid color is classic and will through several seasons, versus a printed coat. This is particularly important because it is an investment piece.
  4. Fabric: choose heavy fabrics and high quality fiber contents. They don’t have to be heavy, thick, or made of a thousand duck feathers to be warm and efficient.
  5. Texture: buy a coat that is made from slick, waterproofing fabric would be versatile through all weather conditions and for numerous occasions.
  6. Details: while the coat should have stylish details, it should also have functional details such as good quality closures, pockets, and a hood.


  1. Warmth: choose winter accessories that will add warmth to the body such as chunky knit scarves, fleece gloves, and cozy headbands. They can be fashionable but still ultra warm and functional.
  2. Color: as mentioned above, keep coats neutral, but accessories are a great way to add pops of color to an outfit.
  3. Prints: when buying winter accessories, allow yourself to choose funky patterns to add style and personality, like plaid, winter floral, or leopard. They are easily exchangeable from season to season because they are much less of an investment.
  4. Bold: use accessories as a way to make a statement, like ultra fuzzy earmuffs or fur trimmed mittens.

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Like the advice I gave above, the coat I am wearing in the photo is a neutral gray color that will match everything in my closet. It is a good length that hits right above the knees and keeps my legs extra warm. This style is versatile and can easy go from casual to dressy. It has a heavy-duty asymmetrical zipper that is functional and stylish. It features convenient pockets and a detachable hood. It has a belted waist for a figure flattering look and quilted leather detailing for aesthetic purposes. The jacket is made out of a thick, heavy fabric and is completely lined. While it is not a puffy jacket, it is very warm. I also added a pop of color with the bright purple scarf I chose to compliment the neutral color palette.

Click if you missed my sketching tutorial or DIY mitten sewing tutorial from earlier in the week! Stayed tuned to read more from Limpert In Leopard next week on the blog.

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