Baby it’s Cold Outside- Part 2

You know that feeling when you’re driving to work in the morning and your fingers ache from gripping the cold steering wheel with bare hands? That feeling when your holding hands with your partner walking down a chilly downtown street and all you can think about is pulling away and putting your hands in your pockets to keep warm? That feeling when your hands burn from holding ice and snow after having a spontaneous snowball fight with your little ones?

Wouldn’t cozy mittens make all of these moments a little better? In this step by step sewing tutorial, learn how to make your own pair of mittens exactly how you want them to look. Use this DIY project as an opportunity to show off your personality with a bold pattern, cozy knits, or color. Stay warm without sacrificing style with these super cute mittens!

Supplies: 1/2 yard cozy fashion fabric, 1/4 yard fleece fabric, thread, scissors, and pins.

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

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Here is the simple, mitten pattern pieces; the mitten piece and the ruffle piece. When drafting the pattern to fit your own hand, the mitten piece stops at the very beginning of the wrist. The ruffle piece will add length and cover the wrist.


First step, cut out the mittens. For the pair I made, I cut two pairs out of fashion fabric and a second set of two pairs to line them with fleece for added warmth.

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Begin sewing with right sides together.

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Stitch around the mitten leaving the bottom open so your hand can fit through it. Repeat with the second pair cut out of the fashion fabric, as well as both pairs of the fleece. Adding the fleece will help prevent air from penetrating the fashion fabric through holes, making the garment warmer.

Next, sew the edge of the rectangular ruffle piece together with right sides together.

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Attach the ruffle piece around the edge of the mitten; fashion fabric pairs only. Gather the ruffle piece to form the shape and ease it into the edge of the mitten. Be sure to line up the seams.

Next hem the ruffle piece around the edge on both pairs.

Finally, insert the fleece mitten into the fashion fabric mittens. Turn them inside out and insert them so seams are against seams.

Slip stitch by hand the raw edge of the fleece around the ruffle seam.

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Here are the finished mittens. The left side is inside out and shows off the fleece lining. No seams are shown and the fleece ends at the beginning of the ruffles. On the right side is the fashion fabric side of the completed mittens.

download (28)download (30)download (32)download (33)download (34)

Share your thoughts with me on this tutorial. For this project, I chose a heavy quilted knit but it also would have turned out super cute made out of old Christmas sweaters! They would also make excellent Christmas and holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Stayed tuned for my styling tips and tricks to make coats and other winter wear look chic! Check it out tomorrow, “Baby it’s Cold Outside- Part 3.”

Until next time.