A Nightmare Before Christmas

Black Friday, also known as the nightmare before Christmas, is synonymous with waiting in long lines, fighting with other customers over electronics, toys, clothes, and trying to cash in on all of the great deals for the holiday season. You will be out at the crack of dawn the morning of Black Friday, or maybe you are going to skip Thanksgiving dinner to begin shopping early. Instead, I will be sitting at home sipping hot cocoa, relaxing, and enjoying the festivities around me. You will be filling up your shopping cart with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise and waiting up until midnight on a work night, just so that you can be among the first to submit your online orders on Cyber Monday. Instead, I will be sleeping soundly and restfully, without an ounce of a shopping hangover.

I will be ignoring all of the emails, flyers, pop-up ads, banners, postcards, catalogs, coupons and all other marketing efforts to get me into the mall this weekend of the year. I will not be making my list nor will I be checking it twice. I’m simply opting out this year. Gasp! I know… its insanity. I must have lost my mind not to cash in on this year’s most “exciting” shopping deals. How could I possibly miss out on the holiday cheer? Am I a Grinch with a heart three sizes too small? Why wouldn’t I want to keep more money in my bank account? How could I be a true fashionista without cashing in on these opportunities to get new clothing? Hear me out…

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Most people believe that Black Friday is the best day of the year to save money on holiday gifts for everyone on your list. However, if you are truly looking for money saving deals and amazing sales, wait until after this particular weekend. With all of the stores trying to sway you to decide which deals are better, it’s tempting not to give into your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). You may be surprised to learn what other days are actually offering better sales.

Friday December 15 of this year is Free Shipping Day. It is arguably one of the best days of the year to buy shoes, clothing, kitchen, and other food items. Hundreds of retailers will be offering high discounts off merchandise in addition to free shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. Not only is it perfect for the procrastinated shoppers, but free shipping means more money in your pockets (and who doesn’t need more of that around the holiday season?).

Another day to watch out for is Green Monday, which will be occurring on December 10th of this year. Green Monday is similar to Cyber Monday, where retailers are offering more online sales. The difference is that you often see much deeper discounts on Green Monday than Cyber Monday or even Black Friday. This is particularly true for apparel and other fashion items.

Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for Super Saturday. It is the last Saturday of shopping before Christmas Day and is perfect for the last minute shopper trying to check off items on their lists. Super Saturday marks the last major day of revenue for retailers in the current fiscal year. It also marks the official end of the shopping season. With this in mind, retailers are likely to offer extra deals and promotions to move merchandise and increase their bottom line. The more money they make in this year, the more security they will have as they begin the New Year. This is especially true since most stores rely on the Christmas season to meet their annual sales goals.

Better yet, wait until after the Christmas to shop, especially for apparel. Victoria’s Secret has their semi-annual sale as well as many retailers, including Amazon, H&M, Nordstrom, and many more, offering up to 70% off throughout the entire stores. After Christmas sales are the number one best time of the year to stock up on clothing items especially winter coats, gloves, hats, and scarves. Also, it is the best time to buy anything holiday themed including gift wrap, cards, home décor, gift sets, and much more.

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Will you still go out on Black Friday, driving circles around the parking lot, trying to find a space at the mall in hopes of getting your hands on the items of your dreams? Will you be idly sitting at the computer waiting to click submit on a cart load of must-have items only to have the site crash? Will you be rushing through Thanksgiving dinner and festivities to get to the store, only to find that the products are even less expensive weeks later? I would love to hear if this changed your mind about Black Friday shopping or if you’re still willing to take a chance! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

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