Maxi Madness- Part 3

When you wake up late and don’t want to think about what you’re going to wear, what do you casually throw on? …Yoga pants (even though we all know that you’re not going to the gym). When you run errands on the weekend with a messy bun and don’t care what you look like, what do you wear?… Yoga pants. When it’s “Wine Wednesday” and you’re getting together for movie night with your girls, what are you sporting? …Yoga pants. Why do you always turn to yoga pants when you don’t have the energy to put effort into your appearance? (I know I’m guilty of this).

There are other great options, more stylish yoga pants, for those moments when all you care about is comfort and ease of putting together an outfit. One great option are maxi skirts and dresses. I like to believe that maxi skirts are a chic version of yoga pants. They’re just as soft, stretchy, comfortable, simple, match well with a lot of other things, and easily create a casual look. The difference is that, unlike yoga pants, maxi skirts look polished, put together, and like you put more than one minute into styling your outfit all without putting much thought into it. They are versatile pieces that are very easy to wear and avoid looking frumpy or disheveled.

While maxi skirts can be worn on numerous occasions and styled many ways while still providing maximum comfort, there are several misconceptions that limit their versatility.

Misconception #1

Maxi skirts are viewed as being too modest. With a long hem, they do not show off the legs and many feel too covered up to be confident rocking them. However, maxi skirts can still show skin and be seductive with the right styling choices. Show skin on the top of your body by pairing a maxi skirt with a sleeveless tank or a sheer lace top. Also, there are many different skirt styles to choose from. For example,  one that is cut closer to body will hug your curves and show off your figure. There are others that have slits down the side to show off some leg. Don’t let the length keep you from wearing them!

Misconception #2

Maxi skirts aren’t flattering on petite or short women. Many believe that shorter, smaller girls get swallowed up in maxi skirts because they’re so long. There are several ways to avoid this. Petite girls should wear less voluminous skirts because the more fabric on a small frame, the less you can see her body. Secondly, if the maxi skirts at the store are too long for your height, simply hem them yourself or take them to be altered. They are such a staple piece, that you will easily wear it enough times to make up the money you put into the alterations. Lastly, balance the look proportionately by wearing tighter, figure flattering tops that will help petite women rock a maxi skirt that has less shape.

Misconception #3

Another common misconception about maxi skirts, is that because the hemlines are longer, they aren’t as versatile as shorter alternatives. In actuality, the long hemline make its it more versatile. You can wear a maxi skirt to many different locations and still look appropriate. Some examples include going to the office or to church, where shorter hemlines are frowned upon. You can easily wear it no matter where you’re running off to each day.

Misconception #4

Some believe that maxi skirts are limited to only casual occasions, like going out to eat or shopping at the mall. Just because they are made of stretchy, comfortable fabric, does not mean that they are limited and can’t be worn for dressier occasions. Wear them with heels, lipstick, and a flowy tops to dress up the look for date night or a cousin’s wedding. The right accessories can quickly take any outfit from day to night.

Misconception #5

Another misconception is that maxi skirts are only for minimal fashionistas. While they can be perfect for a minimalist wardrobe, there are many accessories that can be added to fit it into your personal style. This includes; statement jewelry, a pop of color bag, bold patterns, or funky shoes.

Misconception #6

Finally, the largest misconception that I want to address about maxi skirts is that they are commonly associated with summertime. Your mind drifts to picnics on a tall grassy hill, eating sandwiches and watermelon. Warm sunshine beating down on a breezy afternoon. Lifting the hem to avoid getting splashed while wading through warm blue waters. Maxi skirts and dresses are typically worn from the time the weather starts to warm up in the springtime until it starts getting chilly in the fall. Why aren’t they as popular in the cooler months?

They have several characteristics that make them perfect for a cool weather OOTD. First of all, they are long and completely cover the legs. Look for maxi skirts made out of heavier fabric or wear tights under your skirt for added warmth. Maxi skirts can be worn through many types of weather including rain, snow, and wind. This is especially important to find one that is the right height for your body. It will prevent it from dragging on the ground and soaking up water. Maxi skirts also look fashionable when paired with a variety of tops and jackets. Finally, they can be paired with many shoe styles from boots to sandals. Maxi skirts can be a year round staple with the right accessories and complimentary pieces. Here are my secrets for styling maxi skirts for fall and winter.

How to Style a Maxi Skirt for Fall

  1. Pair with booties or combat boots.
  2. Style with a knotted long sleeved button-down shirt.
  3. Throw on a tailored jacket and cozy scarf.
  4. Try it with a tucked in long sleeved top and cropped vest.
  5. Wear a chunky knit sweater
  6. Consider playing with proportions and wearing it with a cute tank and a long cardigan.
  7. Choose solid colors or darker prints to give it a fall/winter vibe versus a bright summer print.

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Get your maxi skirts back out of the closet and try out these fall styling tips for yourself. Leave me a comment about your thoughts on maxi skirts for fall and winter months. If you weren’t sold on maxi skirts due to any of the common misconceptions listed above, I hope I have changed your mind! They are too easy and functional not to give them a chance. Maxi skirts are a staple piece that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

This is the final post of the Maxi Madness series. Click to check out my Maxi Madness- Part 1 sketching and Maxi Madness- Part 2 sewing tutorials, from earlier this week, in case you missed them! I am wearing the red skirt I made from the demonstration.

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