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I want to begin this week with a special blog post about an update coming to Limpert in Leopard. First of all, I want to thank everyone who is following, reading, liking, and commenting on my blog. I appreciate all of the support you have shown me since I started my blogging journey just a few short weeks ago. Every time I log on and see a new follow or comment, it absolutely makes my day! I hope I am inspiring each of you!

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What’s the news? … I am beginning a weekly series on my blog! Each week, there will be a chosen fashion related topic. I will then be offering “How To” tutorials on how to sketch, sew, and style the topic. This week we are diving into maxi skirts. In the first tutorial up on Tuesday, I will be showing you how to sketch a few different maxi skirt styles. On Wednesday, I will be posting another tutorial that will contain how to sew a maxi skirt yourself, from scratch. Finally, the last blog post, on Thursday, will be about styling a maxi skirt. The styling posts will be similar to what I have already been sharing on my blog, with my own stylish tips and tricks. I also still plan to write other posts in addition to the series from time to time

Why the change? I started out my blog as just another fashion blog that looks just like everyone else’s. What makes it special? Why would someone want to read it? I kept having this feeling like I could be sharing more. Doing more. After just a few weeks, I was losing my inspiration because I felt like my blog didn’t stand out on it’s own. As a fashion designer, I have many skills besides my sense of style. I decided that I wanted my blog to be about the entire fashion process from start to finish: coming up with a design/idea, making it into a reality, and how to fashionably wear it. I want my blog to be a way to help aspiring fashionistas learn the valuable skills that I learned in fashion school and through self teaching.

I have also created a Resources Tab, where you will find basic information and suggestions about these three topics. I have written about sketching supplies for the beginner and how to draw basic fashion croquis. This way, when I begin my tutorials, you will be able to refer to that section if you need more explanation. I also created information about sewing including; sewing supplies for the beginner, how to read a pattern, taking accurate measurements, sewing machine information, and basic stitch and seam definitions. Lastly, I put together a helpful style information guide that every woman should incorporate into her wardrobe such as a staple wardrobe checklist and learning how to dress your body. I will be adding to these resources over time with new and updated information. Please feel free to reach out to me if something doesn’t make sense or if there this a topic you think I should be covering. I would love your feedback!

I hope you are all as excited as I am! It really feels more personal and I hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made! Stay tuned for my first sketching tutorial up on Tuesday!

Until next time.