Let’s Taco ‘Bout Leather

There is no better combination than fashion with food. Carrying an arm full of shopping bags around the mall while munching on cinnamon pretzel bites from the food court. Standing in your closet planning OOTD’s for the week ahead, snacking on warm, buttery popcorn. Laying on the couch cuddled up with your pet filling up your virtual shopping cart with the season’s hottest looks while enjoying spoonfuls of your favorite ice cream (chocolate for sure!). Just be careful not to get food stains on your precious clothing (especially the dreaded ones that are dry-clean only!). Since I’m sure this post is already making your mouth water, kick back and relax with a warm, cheesy slice of pizza and settle in to read my secrets for wearing leather and staple pieces this fall.

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Matching versatile pieces of clothing with trendy items is like adding new ingredients to a classic recipe. Tacos are a weekly dinner staple in my house and I never get tired of eating them (Taco Tuesday anyone?). In this case, a staple item like leather would be the spicy, savory hamburger meat in a fashion taco. It is the heart and soul of the outfit. Mix and match the other ingredients to create the whole look. The shell, lettuce, cheese and salsa are the pants, blouse, scarf, and boots that you pair with it. Lastly, the knit beanie is like the dollop of sour cream to top off the entire ensemble. Some days you might substitute the taco shell with the a wrap or opt for no salsa. You end up with a completely different taste, just as you would get a completely different outfit.

Every woman needs versatile, staple pieces in her wardrobe. Items like black denim, leather jackets, striped tees, or beige cardigans are classics and have a longer lifespan compared to trendy items. They are essential to have in your closet because they can pair with almost anything. Imagine only buying trendy items and then when it comes time to put a look together you end up with a cold shoulder long-sleeved top with flared jeans with fringe on the bottom, a leopard fur vest, and a pom pom scarf. Less is more! You don’t want to wear every single trend at one time. Your selfies will look outdated in only a few months when nobody wears those pieces anymore. It is not as fun and exciting to purchase versatile pieces, but in the long run you will have more outfit options and always look chic.

Leather is a must-have, staple piece that can be worn from the time the days start getting shorter to when the ground begins to thaw.  Find a leather piece that will continually work with your wardrobe and your personal style. Pair a leather jacket with a LBD for date night, boots and jeans to run errands, or dress pants and heels at the office. No matter how you choose to style it, it will always look chic. From season to season and year to year, you will always be on trend wearing leather.

While leather is always in style, no matter the season, here are some suggestions and tips for incorporating leather into your wardrobe in a fresh, new way for fall:

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1. Color- Try a leather jacket in a bold, or different color than a typical black jacket. Use it to add a pop of color to an otherwise minimal outfit. Go for an entire colored leather jacket if you’re feeling adventurous or a color blocked look with just a hint of color for a more conservative look.

2. Shape- look for a unique shape such as a girly peplum or volumous ruffles in a leather jacket. The fresh silhouette will take your look to next level and be a statement piece in your closet.

3. Texture- embroidery is a huge trend this season and would add little bits of color and pattern to a typical leather look. Fringe is also popular in the fall and winter months. It can add a fun, rocker vibe to a typical fall look.

4. Pattern- florals are very in this season with dark, petal tones. This would instantly make a leather jacket feel more soft and feminine.

5. Consider wearing leather in an unexpected way such as seductive leather pants or a sleek leather dress with tights.

6. Invest in good quality leather. It does not have to be real leather or very expensive, but if you only pay $20 for it, don’t expect it to last more than one season.

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