Style Lives On

In the blink of an eye, summer nights turn into Autumn leaves. Warm weekends spent on the lake become crisp days picking out pumpkins. Denim short and tanks are traded in for plaid dresses and combat boots. A change in season is a change in lifestyle.

At the beginning of the summer season, you bought a shift, choker-style sundress from your favorite little boutique downtown. It had your name written all over it with bright colors, floral print, and trendy details. After trying it on and giving it a little twirl (and sending pictures to your friends), your heart was set on buying it. It was a little bit more than you wanted to spend on an impulsive item, but you knew you would practically live in it all summer long.

Over the next few months, you spent countless sunny days sporting it around town, dressing it up for your cousin’s wedding, dressing it down for brunch with your girls, and spilling white wine on it during your first date with your now boyfriend. As you pack the dress away to make room for your new fall arrivals, you remember all of the memories you made wearing this dress. Like a slideshow of old childhood photos, you catch a glimpse of who you were this summer. As if time had stopped for a moment, you fondly reminisce and think to yourself… “until next time.” Knowing in the back of your mind that by the time next summer rolls around, the dress will feel washed up and out dated. There will be new trends and fresh styles that catch your eye. There will be memories to be made and you won’t give this dress a second thought.

Why not let the memories live on after the summer season has come to an end? Transition your favorite, bright, summer dresses into fall. A fresh way to turn a summer dress into a fall look is to grab an over-sized pullover sweater and wear it on top of the dress. Little bits of the dress peak out at the top and bottom, creating a playful look. Pull in fall tones with accessories and the color of the sweater. Mix and match with booties, a scarf, tights/leggings, and a belt for a complete look. The sweater will add warmth and coziness to an easy, breezy dress. It will quickly become a fall staple in your wardrobe as it is simple and easy to wear, yet polished.

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Other ways to incorporate a summer dress into your fall look book include; layering with an open style cardigan sweater, lightweight jacket, or a button up shirt tied off at the waist on top of the dress.

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