Fall in Love with Color

. I Welcome to my very first style secret and blog post!

I decided to start creating blog entries because I have enjoyed talking to and engaging with so many people who have liked and been inspired by my photos on Instagram. The support has been overwhelming! I want to share more of where my style inspiration comes from, as well as helpful fashion tips every girl should know. I hope to encourage some of you to try out similar looks!

I always say a leopard print is neutral and goes with everything from solids to stripes. The same goes for colored denim! If you have always believed that you could only wear white, gray, black, or tan with colored denim, I am here to flip your world upside down!

I got the idea for this post when a fan commented on this Instagram picture saying that she never would have thought to have paired pink with the maroon pants. I have always had a strong point of view when it comes to color and I am never afraid to rock an eccentric color combinations that a lot of people wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Live your life in color! There are no rules when it comes to fashion; only your personal taste. Rock color on color on color! Blue denim and blue denim was considered a major faux pas until only recently! Now, you see it everywhere from the runway to the grocery store.

Not only do shades of blush go perfectly with these maroon pants, but also shades of emerald green, bright turquoise, and teal would also compliment these maroon pants. The key to pulling off multiple bold colors in an outfit is to pair it with accessories in toned down colors. In this outfit I wore tan booties, a tan Coach bag, and a beige sweater creating a cozy fall look.

More style secrets to come!

Until next time.


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